• Wearable
    Clip it on or put it in your pocket
  • Magnetic
    Stick it on the fridge or shower wall
  • Portable
    In purse or on keychain
  • Mountable
    On your steering wheel and more

No more playing favorites.

Now you can talk to all of your favorite
virtual assistants… wherever you go.

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“Alexa” is great at home automation, playing music and ordering on the go.

“Okay Google” is great at answering questions, getting directions and sending messages.

“Hey Siri” is great for controlling your phone and automation.

“Hello Jinni?” is great at reading notifications and receiving calls.

The best virtual assistants in a single portable device.

Alexa + Google + Jinni (Android)
Siri (iOS) – Touch-and-Talk Mode Only

**Jinni works independently of any Echo or Google Home devices. **

About Voice Assistants

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Voice are revolutionary systems that include thousands of built-in features. Amazon Alexa is also an OS that boasts an ever-growing list of third-party applications, designed to allow you to control your technology with your voice. All three of these systems are getting better by the day, and they can control an increasing number of devices.

About Jinni
Jinni is a lot like a Sci-Fi Communicator that integrates Okay Google, Alexa, and Jinni (Android) – or Siri (iOS). Jinni allows you to experience all the great things about your favorite virtual assistants without having to pick favorites. It is the best of both worlds. And, with Jinni, you get a brand new virtual assistant to read your notifications without having to pick up your phone. Get a text? Jinni will read it out loud for you so you can instantly respond with a voice command – or you can just touch-and-talk too.

The Jinni is a small Bluetooth button that integrates the power of Alexa and Google Voice into one portable device or Siri for IOS. Jinni is both wearable and magnetic. She can seamlessly go from your lapel to your refrigerator door, to your shower wall, to your steering wheel, to your purse. Jinni connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uses your phone’s data to connect to the Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice servers.

Unlike Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap, Jinni allows you make and receive phone calls and text messages from your existing phone number and is not bound to one room in your home/office.

Android: Alexa and Google Voice
iOS: Siri


Size: 1.7” x 1.2” x 0.5” (smaller than a Zippo lighter)
Weight: 10 grams
Waterproof to IP67
*Requires a bluetooth enabled phone with a data plan*


Versus Amazon Echo/Echo Dot: Smaller, Portable, Wearable (battery powered), includes calls and messaging, wearable
Versus Google Home: Smaller, Portable, Wearable
Versus Amazon Tap: Smaller, includes calls and messaging, wearable
Versus Smartwatches: Adds Alexa, lower cost, better audio quality and max volume, longer battery life (7 days in touch mode)
Versus Phone by itself: Adds Alexa voice (always on) , Adds Jinni to read and respond to notifications, wearable


LARGE BUTTON: Touch to invoke Alexa
LARGE BUTTON: Double-touch to have Jinni read your most recent notification (repeat for next notification)
SMALL BUTTON: Touch to invoke Okay, Google (Android) or Siri (iOS)

BOTH BUTTONS: Double -Touch both buttons to enable Always-On Mode for the next 30 minutes.
Just ask for “Alexa,” “Okay, Google,” or “Hey, Siri,” to invoke a voice assistant.
You can also ask “What’s up, Jinni?” to have her read your most recent notification.


  • Always-on listening (can be disabled)
  • Two Buttons
    • Touch Button A (larger): Invoke Alexa (Android) or Jinni (iOS)
    • Touch both buttons: Initiate or End Always-On Mode
    • Touch Button B: Invoke Google Voice (Android) or Siri (iOS)
  • Attaches anywhere
    • Wearable: Clips to shirt pocket, collar, or any part of a dress or handbag (can be easily concealed)
    • Magnetic: attaches to metal surfaces as well as other surfaces (with included magnetic stickers)
    • Car Mountable: attach to your steering wheel and more
  • High Quality Sound
    • High volume speaker (comparable to iPhone speaker mode)
    • High sensitivity omni-directional microphone
  • Long Battery Life
    • Up to 7 days (in touch and talk mode)
    • Up to 10 hours (in always-on mode)
  • Water Resistant
    • Use it in the shower
    • Use it in the rain